French Hood Images

Full View of Lady Jane Grey

Lady Jane Grey, artist unknown, c.1553? National Portrait Gallery, London

This is a larger version of an image already on my site. I decided to keep both images, since this image is not as clear. You can click here to get an even larger image.

I am not sure this is a contemporary portrait, and it may be a copy of an original, so I urge caution in using this image. However, one web site says that experts have dated the portrait to the 1500s:

Notice there is no hood showing at the back of the neck area. It seems that black hoods can optionally be left off, leaving the cap or coif visible, along with the other parts that usually make up the French hood. I'm not sure what this hoodless style would have been called in the period.

Found on the World Wide Web, last accessed December 4, 2011,

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