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Full View of an Unknown Noblewoman

An Unknown Noblewoman, by Pieter Jansz. Pourbus (1524 - 1584). Oil on panel: 16 1⁄4 x 12 1⁄4 in. (41.3 x 31.2 cm.) Painted c. 1565

Image from Weiss Gallery [Art] Retrieved December 10, 2010 from the World Wide Web here.

Please view the full size image at the Weiss Gallery site, as it is zoomable, and there are a lot of interesting details. One interesting aspect that caught my eye is the distinct lack of a goffered (pleated) front edge; or at least it is not visible in this image.

With thanks to Maggie Secara and Paula Marmor for posting the link to this image.

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