French Hood Images

Full View of Venetian coif

Linen cap with silk and metal embroidery and glass beads, Venetian ca. 1500-1525 (The Met, New York)
Woman's Cap, Venice, 1500–1525, linen, silk, metal thread, glass beads, 9 x 7 3/4 in. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Rogers Fund, 1916.

I have this image here to show an extant coif of the early 16th century. This is Italian, but it is possible it may have been used farther north as an underlying structure for the French hood or other hoods. Note the front edge is decorated, as is often seen under French hood images. Also note the top of the coif is gathered, almost exactly like the extant coifs of the later 16th and early 17th centuries, as seen in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 4 book.

Color image shared by Louise Pass on Facebook Historic Hand Embroidery group. Retrieved September 25, 2011 from the

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