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Head and Veil of Lady Mary Guildford

Lady Mary Guildford, by Hans Holbein Younger, 1527. Oak, 87 x 70.5cm. The Saint Louis Art Museum, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA.

Mary Wotton was the second wife of Sir Henry Guildford, and had herself painted with a book of hours and a rosary, the formal references to a wife's piety.

This is a very English form of head-dress seen here. It goes by various names including a 'gable', a 'kennel', a 'pediment' or most commonly an 'English hood'. Note the length of the veil along the backside in this image.

A very high resolution version (2024x2545, 379 KB) may be viewed at the Wikimedia Commons site.

This color image from Wikimedia Commons,Lady Mary Guildford [Art] Retrieved February 28, 2006 from the World Wide Web: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Hans_Holbein_d._J._035.jpg

Further information on Mary Guildford found in Masters of the German Art: Hans Holbein by Stephanie Buck (1999), ISBN 3829025831.

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