I have written a few things from workshop and class notes, Pentathalon competition write-ups, to articles on costuming. Those will be listed here for you to enjoy. I hope they are of help to you.

SCA Classes

Make & Take Your Own Tudor Coif
Image 1, Image 2
Two .jpg files linked above, each opens in a new window/tab. Right click and save each image to your hard drive. They are to be printed out at 100% of size as given. Then tape the two pieces together. They are sized for my head, a larger woman's head with lots of hair braided on top of my head. You will need to adjust to make it smaller to fit your own head/hair arrangement.

These are based on the various ones from Patterns of Fashion 4, by Tiramani & Levey. There are lines for Henrician style (flat front) or Elizabethan style (curved front). No detailed instructions at this time on how to put them together, just basic notes written on this hand drawn pattern. For personal use only.
(for Great Western War, Oct. 2013)

Overcoming the Sleevil. (569 kb pdf)
Sleevils are evil sleeves, or sleeves that do not fit because of various problems. This handout describes the basic parts of sleeves so that you can understand what parts must remain constant, and what can be changed, to improve the fit, comfort and range of mobility for your sleeve pattern. The last two pages is a pattern draft from R.W. Trump for a basic 2-piece bent-armed fitted sleeve in the period manner, that I provided with the class. This works best for Elizabethan sleeves, but the basic shape can be used as a guide with other sleeve patterns. (for Collegium Caidis 2013).

Bodies: 16th Century English Support Garments - What They Are Made From, and When Things Changed. Timeline of Support Materials. (152 k pdf) This handout is focused on English women's supportive garment interlinings and stiffeners in the 16th century. The class originally was called '16th Century Kirtles'. (for Caid's Great Western War 2012)

Documentation Information: Outline, and info on primary & secondary sources; a 2-page handout. (74k pdf) (for Nordwache's Academia 2012)

What the Tudor Women Really Wore
As presented at Collegium Caidis on April 10, 2010.

What the Tudor Men Really Wore
As presented at Collegium Caidis on April 11, 2010.

SCA Pentathalon Entries

2011 Pentathalon

  • 16th Century French Kirtle (233 kb pdf file)
    A garment that was based on an illumination from early 16th century French book, Ovid's Heroides, illustrating the story called “Phyllis Writing”. Dress diary write-up here. [First Place Journeyman]
  • A Blackwork Partlet (197 kb pdf file)
    An embroidered partlet with a pattern of allover flower & knotwork design. Dress diary write-up here. [First Place Journeyman]
  • Illuminated Flower Border (270 kb pdf file)
    An illuminated border piece, inspired directly from a facsimile piece in the book, The Macclesfield Alphabet Book, folio 44r. [First Place Apprentice]
  • Oringe Marmalad (74 kb pdf file)
    This is an orange marmalade, from an early 17th century recipe book. [First Place Apprentice]

Renaissance Faire Classes & Articles

Click to enterRenaissance Symposium 2010

What Do the Simple Folk Wear? An explanation of the CIRGA costume guidelines for the common folk of England. (CIRGA is no more, but the guidelines are still in use at some renfaire events.)


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